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Posted by Emiliano Vavassori on 31 July 2012


Today Huub Munstege reported in the -dev mailing list that he had problems on two installation with ArchLinuxGIS repository.

As I suspected, the problem was due to the fact that my IP address was not updated by my Dynamic DNS Update client (which was ddclient). Recently it discomforted me a little, since it was hanging strangely and did not report anything in the syslog (even if it was instructed to do so).

I’ve started investigating in inadyn, which is great since it is written in C/C++ so it is sleek and efficient. I implemented it as my new Dynamic DNS Updater, just to find out that it really was DynDNS that did not allow me to update my IP address. Dear DynDNS, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Completely dropping DynDNS, I’ve jumped in No-IP and I’m happy with it (they was already serving ArchLinuxGIS DNS A record with no problems).

So here’s why Huub wasn’t able to update his installations (hopefully :)). In any case, I refreshed the files in the repositories and checked that they were accessible from the outside, so the issue would be much more likely be solved.

Please run the following command if you experienced any issues with the repos in the last few days:

pacman -Syy

Happy hacking to all.

Tags: repo, network, ISP